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Our Mission Is Never Over

Original Gun Oil is on a mission to give back. 

Many of our brave soldiers return home with physical and emotional injuries that make it difficult to transition back to day-to-day life.  Quick fact: As many as 20% of returning suffer from PTSD. Currently, there are veterans waiting to be helped get back into civilian life. It doesn’t mater if its physical or phycological we are helping reduce the time it takes to get help so our heroes can get back to their lives as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Why is Original Gun Oil™ doing this?

As a veteran owned company we know just how real the struggles can be and sometimes it feels like no one understands you.  So we got to thinking… How can do our part to help those who have and continue to protect our freedom?  For us the solution was simple. We can only go so far as individuals but collectively we can ban together and create a movement so we decided to donate a portion of all our sales, this way everyone wins.

What do we want to accomplish?

Our mission will never be over. However, to get started we set our initial goal @ $1M which will allow us to positively affect the lives of thousands of veterans and their families.

How much have we been able to donate to date? $4,478 and we are just getting started.

Help us put 1 bottle into the hands of every gun owner in America and we will be able become the single largest private organization to help our heros. 

Who have we partnered with so far?

Fisher House, WI

Offers a comfortable "at home" experience while in an uncomfortable time.  The Fisher house is a home away from home for vets and their families while receiving care at the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center - At no cost to them.

Stop Soldier Suicide

We lose one veteran every 65 min to suicide, and while help comes in many forms, it can be confusing, difficult, and time consuming. Stop Soldier Suicide eliminates the process, and connects vets with the help they need quickly, and at no cost to them.

Patriot Paws

Too many of our soldiers come home with physical and emotional injuries that make day to day life more difficult. At this very moment there are veterans waiting to be paired with a four legged buddy, who needs them too.  Patriot Paws joins them together at no cost to them. And how awesome is it that