Original Gun Oil - 2oz Bottle

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Original Gun Oil is enhanced with synthetic additives providing unmatched firearm performance. Even under heavy constant fire, this oil lubricates and protects in the most brutal conditions you and mother nature can throw at it. So you never have to worry about performance when it maters most.

This oil is designed to be applied lightly while still exceeding the demanding requirements for lubrication & corrosion protection. You will notice a lighter than usual viscosity which means less oil goes farther and seeps deeper into your critical firearm components.

Manufactured to the highest possible standard, NSF H1.  This oil is authorized for accidental food contact making our oil safe around you, your loved ones, pets and our environment.

What exactly do we add to the mix?

Our exclusive anti-rust, anti-foam, non-toxic, and odorless firearm oil is infused with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives. These additives give your firearm the long lasting lubrication and corrosion protection it wants. 

Why do gun collectors love it?

Collectors and gun enthusiast alike appreciate that Original Gun Oil is safe for all metal, wood, plastic and polymer components including Kydex.


  • Unbeatable rust & corrosion protection (4x longer)
  • Works in extreme temperature ranges (-47°F to +497°F - it will not gum up or burn off)
  • Non-Scented  (no more smell. This is a must for hunters)
  • Non-Toxic (safe around you, your loved ones & your pets.)
  • Non-Staining
  • Repels Water and Moisture
  • Made in USA


  • Smoother action
  • Cleaner operation
  • Consistent firearm performance
  • Easier, faster, more thorough clean
  • Protection against Enemy #1 - Corrosion & Rust. Make sure your firearms will always be ready with simple maintenance.

No Risk Purchase

We want you to know that there is no risk in trying Original Gun Oil if this is your first time using it.  If you don't think its the best oil you have ever used on your firearms we will buy it back guaranteed.